Ministry Teams

The work of our church is divided amongst several ministry teams. Each team focuses on particular kinds of tasks (for instance, Congregational Care and Nurture focuses on helping folks who may be ill, homebound, or going through a rough time). If you have any questions, needs, or a desire to join one of our ministry teams, please contact the staff members or the moderating church elder of that team.

Congregational Care & Nurture

Jim Brady, moderator
Nancy Bradley
Robert Quiring, staff

Outreach & Service

Susan Berrian, moderator
Mike Layton
Hailey Braden Lynch, staff

Education & Spiritual Development

Gina McKerley, moderator
Kelley Camp
Hailey Braden Lynch, staff
Ben Lynch, staff

Worship & Music

Judy Dulabhan, moderator

Allen Pote
Hal Dell
Robert Quiring, staff
Tina Buran, staff

Hospitality & Fellowship

Paula Launtz, moderator

Hamp Liggett
Ben Lynch, staff

Church Growth & Assimilation

Kristan Brinkley, moderator
Chris Fowler
Ben Lynch, staff

Human Resource & Development

Bill Gureck, moderator
Tom Johnson

Scott Smith
Robert Quiring, staff

Property & Administration

Benja Thompson, moderator
Andrew Jones
Donald Lindsey
Robert Quiring, staff

Stewardship & Finance

Tom Daniel, moderator
Miner Harrell
Robert Quiring, staff

Child Discovery Center Council

Mary Anderson, moderator
Alan Moore
, Director of the CDC
Hailey Braden Lynch, staff