Here are some of the ways FPC is loving God and our neighbors. And we’d love for you to join us!

Point People: Robert Thomas Quiring, Senior Pastor
Susan Berrian, Moderator of Outreach & Service Ministry Team

The Child Discovery Center

First and foremost, what is perhaps the primary mission of FPC is our Child Discovery Center, a Title I childcare center that has been a beacon of economic justice and racial reconciliation since the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Established in 1965, it was the only integrated childcare center in 3 counties for years and years afterward. Thankfully, that’s no longer true! But it remains an amazingly diverse place that offers affordable, quality childcare and schooling.

Urban Plunge: a Mission Experience for Youth

There is so much need in our own town, but sometimes what’s right in front of you is actually easiest to ignore. The Urban Plunge is a program designed to open the eyes of our students. Every year our youth group takes a week to plunge into the heart of our own city, and we help our neighbors. This mission experience enables middle school and high school students to see the problems of their own community and wakes them up to the possibilities for service in Pensacola. For details, check out the upcoming events on the Youth page.

Disaster Recovery Assistance

When natural disasters affect the Gulf Coast area, we send teams of volunteers to help folks get back on their feet.

In February of 2016, two tornadoes hit our county within days of one another. In some ways local recovery efforts are just now able to get in there and help. FPC will be engaged in those efforts in the months and years to come, including demolition and rebuilding. Please contact us if you have any interest in supporting these efforts!

Two Cents a Meal

Two Cents a Meal is a program for hunger relief through presbyterian churches throughout the Florida panhandle. Members of each congregation including ours are asked to give two cents for each meal they eat in a given day. Though small individual donations, this collection adds up to thousands of dollars each year that helps to alleviate hunger in the northwest Florida area.

United Ministries

United Ministries was started by a number of downtown congregations in 1987 to help effectively and cohesively help families in crisis who are experiencing the inability to cover the cost of basic needs. This includes emergency assistance with rent and utilities along with providing emotional and spiritual support.

Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey is an outreach ministry that provides an early intervention to help guide children and youth through mentoring and tutoring programs, counseling and Bible study. We are financial partners with Milk & Honey.

Manna Food Pantries

Manna provides emergency food to households in the Escambia and Santa Rosa County areas. Our church makes constant donations of cash and food collected by our congregation. There are also opportunities to help work in their organic gardens that help provide fresh produce.

Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen provides approximately 6,200 meals per month to the homeless. It is also a haven for homeless families who can stay in the emergency family shelter for up to two weeks. Along with being financial partners with Loaves and Fishes, many FPC members are committed volunteers at the kitchen and they welcome anyone else who would care to join them!

Transitional Housing Program

The Transitional Housing Program is a part of the Loaves and Fishes ministry. It provides both physical and spiritual support to homeless families. This includes up to two years of housing and case management to help them move on to self-sufficiency. People in this program also share in the parenting classes and are provided clothing and other needs.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a national, non-profit Christian housing ministry working in partnership with local churches to provide homes for local citizens. The Pensacola chapter of Habitat is one of the largest and most effective in the country. First Presbyterian has been a lead church in this effort, donating money and working on Saturdays to build these homes.