Bri Grayheart

Bri-Greyheart First Presbyterian Church Pensacola

As Office Manager, Bri Grayheart is the primary office coordinator for First Presbyterian Church. Her duties are varied, as most office tasks go through her first. Bri also assists with designing the church bulletin each week.

Robert Smith

SMITH, Robert

Robert Smith has been at First Presbyterian Church for many years as one of its primary custodians. Robert helps keep FPC clean and inviting for members and visitors.

Patricia Keeby

KEEBY, Patricia

Patricia Keeby is one of the primary custodians for First Presbyterian Church. Patricia has been with FPC for many years and plays an important role in ensuring the church remains a welcoming environment for all.

Linda Black


Linda Black is the Building and Grounds Supervisor at First Presbyterian Church, overseeing the upkeep and maintenance for the various church properties.

Claire Zorn

ZORN, Claire

Claire Zorn plays an important role as Financial Administrator at First Presbyterian Church, handling all of the church’s official transactions.

Sherrell Thomas

THOMAS, Sherrell

As Director of the Child Discovery Center, Sherrell Thomas leads the CDC staff. The CDC was established in 1965 as the first integrated child care center in three counties as one of the primary missions of First Presbyterian Church.

Tina Buran


Tina Buran has been with First Presbyterian Church for more than 40 years. She currently serves as the church’s primary organist, and she leads all music programs, including the sanctuary choir, sanctuary ringers and worship band.

Rev. Robert Thomas Quiring

QUIRING, Robert Thomas

Rev. Robert Thomas Quiring started as Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in July 2017. As Senior Pastor, he is the head of staff and worship leader, as well as the moderator of the Session.

Rev. Joan Hedrich Wooten, Ph.D.

Joan Hedrich Wooten

As Parish Associate, Rev. Joan Hedrich Wooten leads the pastoral care efforts for First Presbyterian Church. She is the staff representative for the Congregational Care and Nurture ministry team, and she helps lead worship and preaches during services. Joan received her Ph.D. in Theology and Ethics at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia in 2018. […]